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Caregiver (2008)

Hunyo 16, 2008

Note: This review is courtesy of our friend Annedito. Thank you very much for the review 🙂 .

The movie started with a rushing tired Sarah played by Sharon Cuneta leaving her daytime job as an Elementary English teacher for a night vocational class to become a caregiver. Meron brief scenes sa training class si Sarah and one of her instructors is a Waya Council member (yung namatay na laging kaaway ni lady elle noon). There was also a scene of Sarah and her colleagues during lunch discussing her life sa PI and her future sa London. There were quite a few jokes about Sarah “going to punas-punas the puwet.” Sarah eventually sold her house leaving her young son Paulo, played by John Manalo, bitter and more rebellious. Paulo would be looked after her paternal grandmother which was portrayed by Boots Anson-Roa. Isang scene lang siya sa movie pero you could already sense na she was a sweet and loving grandmother and mother.

The story moved along sa despedida (spellcheck please) party ni Sarah sa Manila with her side of the family. There you get a sense of her life and who she is as a daughter and a sister. Her mother (don’t know the actress’ name) is distraught about Sarah’s choice to follow her husband. This of course is natural sa mga Filipino parents when it comes to their children leaving the nest let alone the country. Mickey Feriols plays the obedient and caring daughter who mainly took care of their senile grandmother. Lola was played by the veteran actress Anita Linda. She played the elder matriarch who constantly needed caring that brought tears to Sarah’s eyes. This was a good indication of how compassionate Sarah really was.


White Lady (2006)

Hunyo 3, 2008

Note: This kicks off the start of my movie “reviews.” Marami na rin akong napanood na mga Pinoy movies –new and old ones– at susubukan kong i-review (ptvj-style siempre) silang lahat. For more movie reviews, visit one of my favourite bloggers, Willow on her Kabaduyan Blog. (Willow, if you ever stumble on this blog, namimiss ko na ang mga reviews mo, magparamdam ka na sana ulit!)


Boots Anson-Roa
Pauleen Luna
JC de Vera
Angelica Panganiban

Hino-haunt si Pearl (Pauleen Luna) na isang freshman sa isang unibersidad sa Maynila ng isang white lady. Nacurious siya sa storya ng isang babaeng nag-ngangalang Christina (Angelica Panganiban) na biktima ng kalokohan nina Mimi (Iwa Moto), ang sosyalerang campus bully. Dahil sa ginawa nila hindi na nagpakita si Christina sa iskwelahan.

Noong mag-umpisang “maghiganti” si Christina kina Mimi doon natuklasan ni Pearl ang isang malagim na katotohanan (naks).

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