Piolo Pascual, the Producer?


Piolo Pascual to co-produce movie inspired by two classic local films

First-time producer Piolo Pascual and his partners are inspired by two classic local movies.

A group of non-showbiz businessmen and Piolo are pooling their resources to produce a movie intended for showing this year. The movie’s title is Manila and it’s a twinbill of two different stories inspired by two classic movies directed by the late masters of Philippine cinema—Lino Brocka’s Jaguar (1979) and Ishmael Bernal’s City After Dark (1980). Si Piolo ang bida sa dalawang kuwento. []

Napanood ko ang City After Dark (I’m a big fan of Filipino movies — iyong pinalabas noong 70s and 80s) pero hindi ko na masyadong matandaan ang story nito.

As usual ang mga iba ang pagkalalaki (or otherwise) na naman ni Papa P ang pinupuntirya nila. As if it matters kung ano ka sa tunay na buhay para mabigyan lang ng hustisya ang ginaganap mong role.


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3 Tugon to “Piolo Pascual, the Producer?”

  1. cibolo Says:

    I can’t to watch this movie. I love you, Piolo!

  2. cibolo Says:

    He is the ultimate talented guy in movie town.

  3. ptvj Says:

    yeah, ako din papanoorin ko to. he’s a great actor, i agree!

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