RIP, Rudy Fernandez


Action superstar Rudy Fernandez succumbs to cancer

“Our beloved Rudy Fernandez has gone home to his Maker at 6:15 this morning, June 7, 2008.”

This was the text received by PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) earlier today from Rudy’s camp, and it was later confirmed by StarTalk reporter Gorgy Rula. []

Condolences to his fans, friends and family. May he rest in peace.


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5 Tugon to “RIP, Rudy Fernandez”

  1. nawawala Says:

    =( ang lungkot!
    naiyak ako sa article na interview ng 3 lalaking anak ni daboy sa PEP.

  2. baladev Says:

    I read an article about him last may 7 that he saw dead people including his late father, jay ilagan and his other dead friends and relatives

    “Kinukuha ako ng mga patay, so I thought my time was up. Isinasama ako kung saan-saan. They were telling me, ‘O, don’t worry, your hospital bills have been settled’. Jay was quiet; he just stood there. But I didn’t want to go with them.”

    Rudy kept it to himself and told Lorna about it several days later when he was transferred to a private room.

    “I didn’t want to scare her,” said Rudy, “I didn’t want her to think that I was dying.”

    At the ICU, Rudy was attached to many tubes that rendered him immobile.

    “It was hard,” said Rudy. “I was telling God to take me, kunin na Niya ako. I was ready for anything. I kept saying, ‘Lord, Thy will be done’.” ”

  3. waH Says:


    ….we pray you’ll have eternal peace.

  4. jasko Says:

    diba sya ang nag pa sikat ng saying na “walang personal, trabaho lang”

  5. Banana Says:

    oh my God! 😦

    RIP po Rudy..

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