From the Rumour Mill: Maging Sino Ka Man Book 3?


According to Wikipedia entry of MSKM2, hanggang 80 episodes na lang ang show na to. And then I read somewhere (sorry I don’t remember where) na there will be a Book 3 for MSKM introducing new characters (apparently it will be called Maging Sino Ka Man: Pangatlong Hakbang).

But as this moment, wala pa akong nahanap na iba pang references to confirm what I read sa wikipedia.

So if it’s true, what do you guys think about it? Agree ba kayong magka-book 3 ang MSKM?


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42 Tugon to “From the Rumour Mill: Maging Sino Ka Man Book 3?”

  1. annesam Says:

    kung may book3 man,pano na ang love story ni jb at celine?bat naman kasi pinatay c celine?huhuh!

  2. annesam Says:

    sana patayin na rin nla c jb kesa naman mapunta sya kay onay!i love sam and anne..

  3. EDGE Says:

    kung ang magiging takbo ng kwento ay katulad ng comment ko sa episode 67, then why not. basta ba nandun pa rin si ANNE playing a difrent role at magiging sila ni jb.

  4. annesam Says:

    tama c edge..basta kasama pa rin c anne pero pag iniba yung char nya,edi hindi na sya c celine?hmm

  5. annesam Says:

    sana gawa na lang ng bagong show c anne at sam..nakaka-sad ang ending ng lovestory nila sa mskm

  6. dumbako Says:

    yes! MSKM3 pwede namang gumawa sila uli ng ibang character para kay anne at sila pa rin ni jb, like another name kamukha lang ni celine, maybe long lost twin! hehehe pareho ba ng movie” i know who killed me” na may kambal pala siya, hehehe

  7. annesam Says:

    hmm..pwede na rin yun atleast c anne pa rin ang makakatuluyan ni jb..nababasa ba ng abs-cbn mga comments naten?

  8. EDGE Says:

    like what i said, the next story of JB will be this way: he’s going to manage HAVEN, and then magkakaroon sya ng pasyente na kamukha ni celine pero ang character totally difrent kay celine…or it could be a reincarnation.
    kasi for me, pag ang ending is si onay ang makatuluyan ni JB, useless yung lines ni celine “and the love, our love….it was the best.” kaya dapat may connection pa rin ang taong makakatuluyan ni JB (and difintely di si onay yun)..

  9. annesam Says:

    well,sana nga hindi c onay coz if jb and her ang mgkatuluyan,it was not a good lovestory..agree,guys?nyc story edge

  10. dumbako Says:

    agree! hindi naman kasi bagay si jb at onay eh, hehehe

  11. annedito Says:

    agree kasi hindi bagay si toni at sam…reel and real-life.

  12. Mikey808 Says:

    i think there really is a book 3. theres still so many things that needs to be explained. like the story of mateo and gloria, juaquin which i dont think is really dead. he was suppose to be one of the main characters i dont think he was jus in the show for flasbacks worth only one episode if u put them together. and veron…i think she stll has something planed. isnt she suppose to get rich from her husband and start her revenge plot? if all that is ignored and jus end the series in a month after EVERYTHING. then what a waste of time, all that only leading to such a rushed and dumb ending lol

  13. Parismaniac Says:

    Can someone please confirm whether they have really killed off Celine (i just read that a minute ago on a site)…….I’m from Fiji and we’re also watching Maging here but we have to get it on DVD. Filipino movies are a big hit here right now……….anyways, so far we’ve only been able to get our hands on Book 1 but we do know that you guys are currently watching Book 2 on TV. So can please someone tell me whether she’s really dead or not…..coz i think her character is really the most interesting, and what’s gonna happen to JB now i wonder?????

    Anyways can any of you guys inform me when it comes out on DVD…….my email is


  14. dnj Says:

    Ano namang silbi ng Book 3 kung wala nang JB at Celine????

  15. ptvj Says:

    parismaniac, unfortunately, celine died from pancreatic cancer. try the starry starry store for the dvd.

    dnj, nawawalan na rin ako ng ganang manood ngayong wala na si celine.

  16. EDGE Says:

    ewn ko ba sa writer at director na yan… di ba nila na realize na ang talagang kumuha ng attention ng mga audience sa MSKM ay sina Celine at JB. Kung may time nga lang ako, WELGA ang abutin nila
    ako din, di na interested to watch MSKM now that Celine is gone.

  17. jenny26 Says:

    you are not interested in watching it pero you still read the updates.hay!sa tunay na buhay mahirap talagang maglet un ang nangyayari sa atin.that’s the same feeling that the writers, im speaking for my self, ay gustong iparamdam sa ating mga manonood.and the show makes us think,magkakatuluyan pa ba si ito si ganyan?anong susunod na mangyayari.pagiisipin tau kung ano nga ba talaga ang mangyayari.not like other shows around na halatang halata na may tatakas sa kulungan at mabubuhay ang comatose kasi bongang bonga ang pag anunsyo ng kasal nila.haha

  18. dumbako Says:

    you’re right jenny! ako nga hindi nakakapanood ng lobo sa updates na lang ako, nakakaenjoy ang updates eh. kung nababasa lang ng abs-cbn itong mga updates and comments siguro sasabihin nilang tagumpay pa rin sila sa mga pinaggagawa nila dahil sunod pa rin tayo ng sunod sa kapalpakan nila.

  19. dumbako Says:

    sorry, kulang pala ng 26 hehehe

  20. No Car Says:

    agree ako kay Mikey808. Something is not right in the line story right now. nawala lahat ang mga pina pakitang teaser noon nagsisismula pa lang ang MSKM2.
    so, malamang may book 3 nga. Isa lang ang ibig sabihin marami pa rin kasi ang sumusubaybay at naniniwala na maganda ang MSKM kaya eto bibilugin nila uli tayo sa book 3.
    okay lang ako doon. pero wag lang to a point na parang Ysabella na ang habahaba na umiikot lang ang kuwento.
    Gusto kong makita uli sila Gloria, Veron, Joaquin, Lena and probably celine in an unexpected and very challenging role.

  21. No Car Says:

    I think hindi patay si joaquin. baka sinabi lang na patay diba kasi ayaw ni veron sa relation nila lena. di kaya may ginawa lang si veron para mag tago si joaquin? kasi kawawa naman si lena. Eh lalong kawawa si joaquin kung yun lang ang papel niya. main character pa naman din sya.

  22. lobo_fan Says:

    I think MSKM should have a third, the show just had a sophomore slump they have been so desperate to make book 2 better than the first they end up making it worst. I would like to believe that they’ve learned their lesson and if they do there is no reason not to want a third season.

  23. asiatic_tribe Says:

    i don’t know why MSKM Book 2 is not doing well, it’s not even in the top 10 primetime show. i can’t believe Palos is rating better (that’s another story). i’ve followed the teleserye since book 1 (man, do I miss Dadoods).

    yes there’s still so many things left unanswered. dapat may book 3. i’m still baffled as to why dereke ramsay is in the main credits and picture pero halos di naman siya pinakita sa book 2. na-wet dream tuloy ni eli si joaquin hehe!

    eto naisip ko lang pero malamng di ito mangyayari… ending ng book 2 ay another grand wedding nila eli & jackie para tapatan ang Marimar, hehehe!!

    anyway, if what i read is true about the cast in book 3 (i saw it in wikipedia but di ko na ulit mahanap), sana wag na nila isama sina jericho rosales, kristine hermosa & diether ocampo. pwede pa siguro si KC Concepcion.

  24. riza Says:

    Kami din ng family ko nawalan na ng gana manood ng MSKM2 mula nung patayin nila si Celine sa story. Nakakawalang gana panoorin na baka gawin nilang twist na sina JB at Onay ang magkatuluyan. Sisirain nila yung magandang lovestory nila JB at Celine kapag ginawa nila yun…magiging katawa tawa ang story ng MSKM2 lalo. Halata kasing binigyan talaga nila ng effort na ipakita kung gaano kamahal nila JB at Celine at isa’t isa bago wala pang isang taon na patay si Celine eh biglang ma-i-inlove si JB kay Onay…hindi naman ata realistic yun. Sana makarating ito sa ABS-CBN at itigil nila yung ganung kalokohan kung sakali man pinaplano yun ng mga writers. Para sa akin sina Anne at Sam talaga ang reason bakit namin pinanood ang MSKM mula nung book 1 at hanggang dito sa book 2 pero ngayon na wala na yung kuwento nila eh para ano pang manood kami nito.

  25. Evelyn Says:

    I do agree with NOCAR and mickey808, and asiatic_tribe. In my humble opinion there are too many loose ends in the story, i.e., a. what did Monique mean when she said “alam naman nating dalawa ang totoo tungkol sa akin at si Jackie”
    b. would it be revealed that Mateo was instrumental in causing the fire at Veron’s place?, c. I have a gut feeling that Joaquin did not die.
    I would vote for a BOOK3. MSKM 1 & 2 are the only teleseryes that I would recomend to my friends. Book 1 casting and acting napaka-galing.The whole thing was superb which includes directing.
    [Personally, I did not get anything from Ysabella,or even Sana Maulit Muli.]
    I dare not speak for Lobo or Palos because I decided not to watch either one after I got burned with Ysabella story and Sana maulit muli.

  26. ptvj Says:

    evelyn, maganda ang lobo, maybe you can check it out. i’m very difficult to please, pero i fell in love on this show. i highly recommend it πŸ™‚

    p.s. isinusumpa ko ang ysabella. hehehe.

  27. dumbako Says:

    mahilig talaga ako sa teleserye pero dahil sa trauma ko sa ysabella hindi na ako nanood ngayon talaga, updates na lang ako hehehe.

  28. annedito Says:

    lol ptvj. talaga you’re very difficult to please?!? i couldn’t tell from all your comments…lol…but yes, i’m the same way. maraming reklamo, but lobo is really good (except shaina and the long boring island scene ni piolo at angel if they weren’t kissing…hehe) but i also recommend lobo. if not for piolo or angel, but to all of their supporting casts.

  29. ptvj Says:

    dumbako, hindi na ako manonood ng teleserye ni juday. LOL.

    annedito, hahahahahahaha! halata ba? 😈

  30. Evelyn Says:

    ptvj, thank you for your recommendation for me to give Lobo a check out order. You are right, based on my short peek today, the support cast is good. However, i pass for now.

  31. asiatic_tribe Says:

    Ngek! Biglang bumalik si Veron and mamamatay na si Lena. I guess that puts an end to one of the supposedly cliffhangers of the show. And that could finally conclude that Joaquin is indeed dead.

    Like previous teleseryes (ABS & GMA7), halatang minadali yung ending. Yan ang napapaansin ko sa mga local teleseryes, pag nasa gitna na ng season, pinapahaba mga scenes since madaming commercial load then pag patapos na, biglang bibilisan yung istorya! Hay 😦

    PS: I miss Dadoods & Mang Oka

  32. faipopo Says:

    what happens in book 2? i’m keen to know what happens and who the new characters are – the woman and her daughter at eli at jackie’s wedding.

  33. ptvj Says:

    faipopo, read the archives or just look it up on youtube

  34. faipopo Says:

    thanks ptvj for the directions but are there any summary about each episodes in english? sorry i do not read nor understand filipino

  35. ptvj Says:

    faipopo, but you can understand spoken filipino, right?

    anyway, just click maging sino ka man’s link for the episode guides in english

  36. faipopo Says:

    thanks a lot for getting back i don’t understand spoken filipino nor read it..i’m not filipino at all but i love filipino movies provided that there are english subtitles to help me understand the movie

  37. faipopo Says:

    sorry the above comment was meant for ptvj..thanks

  38. ptvj Says:

    faipopo, you’re probably better off buying the dvd of mskm2 when it’s released. i don’t think you’ll have luck in finding one right now. here’s the store: . the dvds for mskm1 are already out.

  39. mike808 Says:

    if u saw todays episode it wasnt really a “big” episode considering the finale is tomorrow. how are they gonna fit everything in one episode? and onay and JB are nowhere close to being a couple yet. i have a feeling tomorrows episode will have a cliffhanger. jus a feeling.

  40. faipopo Says:

    ptvj, are the dvds for mskm2 out in the filippines now or on hold…i’ve got the mskm1 but im dying to get mskm2
    thanks for replying once again

  41. faipopo Says:

    ptvj, so what happened at the last episode?
    mike808 care to share what it was like?

  42. No Car Says:

    ptvj meron pa bang book3? sa ending kasi parang end story na ang lahat.

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