Kim Chiu on “My Girl” remake?


Kim Chiu got a shock when she discovered that she had landed the lead role in the local version of the hit Koreanovela My Girl during the Dream Big Kapamilya press con. (Read More…)


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3 Tugon to “Kim Chiu on “My Girl” remake?”

  1. atenean Says:

    In our opinion, Mikee Lee deserves to be Nikko in this series. The already established Kim-Gerald-Mikee love triangle will not be hard to push. Mikee is also Chinese, which can be fitting for this series.

    I assure you, this love triangle is sure to be a hit in My Girl, just as it was a hit in PBB Teen Edition.

  2. inrich Says:

    talagang bagay nga ni kim ang role na my girl dahil chinese sya kahit hindi siya koreanna ay nagawa pa rin niya…

  3. Kimchiu no.1 fan Says:

    I love kimerald…i’m your no.1 fan=D yeaheyy!!papanoodin ko yung My Girl na remake i’m so excited….Go Kimerald!!pero wag kayong maniwala sa ibang tao na nagsay na hindi kayu bagay sa My Girl kasi inggit langyan sila….Hit!!namanto para sa Philippines….sana kayo na ni Gerald sagutin mo na sya!!!Luv u po!!!!

    I’m your no.1 fan…
    sana ma meet kita in person<33

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