Ysabella Recent Updates


Hindi pa rin ako nanonood ng Ysabella. But I let it play in the background just to find out kung may interesanteng pangyayari.

Ano na ba ang nangyayari lately?

May tumor sa ulo si Reno and he does not want to fight it at nagpauwi na lang siya sa farm — inihatid siya nina Albert at Ysay.

Nagkukunwari namang baldado si Victoria para makuha ang sympathy in Albert.

Si Christina ang nanakot kay Ysay at naglagay ng puso ng baboy (?) sa higaan niya.

Ano pa ba? Wala na akong maalala.

By the way, if you want updates for Ysabella, someone’s doing an update HERE everyday. Abangan niyo na lang sa forum (around 1-2 am Philippine time meron ng updates).


9 Tugon to “Ysabella Recent Updates”

  1. Dianne Says:

    Dianne Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    December 27, 2007 at 2:58 am

    Ysay is a principled woman. But in terms of making decision she cannot distinguish between right or wrong. A contrast of her character. For example: she cannot choose well between Mito and Albert. She seem to follow her feelings and not the will. Feelings will come and go and unlike the will. If she chooses Albert her character is inconsistent.

    The story likes to advocate IPAGLABAN MO ANG IYONG PAG-IBIG. This is a wrong principle. Why? its because not all feelings of love is morally right. What if the man you love so much is married, do u still have to fight for that love at the expense of his family until it is broken?

    My dear people, the soap might just be an entertainment but it injects values which are sometimes harmful to children and youth.

  2. Shema Says:

    I am always following Ysabella and the team up of Mito and Ysay excites me. But when the story wants Albert to come into the picture, i am dismayed. Now i sleep early. I am a person who wants to see something new. Something people would never think of but justified.

    In our culture it is unthinkable to marry a girl or a boy whose mother is not only wicked but also a murderer and sick psychologically.

    My gosh chances are… the wife will also conceive a child with a character the same as her/his lola.

  3. charles Says:

    haaayyyy Im not anymore excited with Ysabella. Know what? there is nothing exciting in the story because the ending of the story seem to be predictable. I can read that the writer wants real life sweethearts Ryan and Judy to end happily in the soap. Nakakasawa naman. Why not venture in another ending?

  4. safiya Says:

    when is Ysabella ending? yun na lang panoorin ko. lol!

  5. jd Says:

    finally ysabella ended and i like that albert died but the ending with mito was not romantic

  6. jd Says:

    a lot of viewers expected a very dramatic ending with mito but it was dry

  7. jd Says:

    comment on tambalang judy ann santos and ryan agoncillo:

    ryan, be content being a tv host na lang. mas ok ka naman sa paghost eh. sorry kung hindi talaga para sa ‘yo ang pag-acting. remember , we can’t have everything what we want in our lives. it’s what HE up there wants for you.

  8. blah Says:

    That’s kinda sad that he died TWICE in this drama.

  9. Nooa kauongo Says:

    hey you look so cute in your film and admire that you are the greatest actress that i ever seen in mylife okay lovve you and continue doing taht okay

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