No updates for “Natutulog ba Ang Diyos?”


Bakit replay lang ang NBAD today? 😦


7 Tugon to “No updates for “Natutulog ba Ang Diyos?””

  1. Consuelo Says:

    And also on those previews for the show that they play during commercial break for NBAD, it said “Monday-Thursday”! Why?

  2. ptvj Says:

    oo nga! i saw that too. i wonder what’s up…

  3. Marie Says:

    i saw during a commercial break on one of the shows on tfc that it said a show will be taking NBAD on its friday timeslot…i think the show is one of those teen shows

  4. ptvj Says:

    aww, it’s just 4 episodes a week? that’s not enough 😆
    thanks for the info, anyway.

  5. Consuelo Says:

    But why? That’s so mean! Hehe.

  6. nawawala Says:

    that’s what they did for rounin, diba? 4 episodes a week lang? baka pinatatagal nila… kainis gusto ko 5x a week! hehe

  7. Marie Says:

    in the philippines the show that will be replacing NBAD Maalaala Mo Kaya on its friday timeslot. but on TFC it will be Your Song that will be replacing NBAD on its friday timeslot.

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