Game Ka Na Ba? (May 22, 2007)


Wala lang, natutuwa lang talaga ako kay Edu.

Naman, kanin at bagoong? Ew.

Hindi pa nakuntento, sinubuan pa ang contestant.

Eto naman, hindi lang niya sinubuan ng turon…

…gusto niya share pa sila


19 Tugon to “Game Ka Na Ba? (May 22, 2007)”

  1. martin Says:

    hello who can possibly help me with the titles of two songs played in game ka na b?the two i guess are 70s or early 80s music,

  2. Cheese Says:

    I only know one, the title is PAPAYA by Ursula Dudziak, a polish singer. Still searching for the title of that other song.

  3. allan Says:

    One that is being played right now is “It’s a love thing” by The Whispers. I’m also searching for that one song that is usually played when it’s down to 5 contestants, during Edu’s “interview” with them. Thought it was “Papaya”, but when Edu shouted Papaya and the studio audience started dancing to the beat, it was a different one. If somebody can post the title and artist…..thanks in advance.

  4. andrei Says:

    thanks allan i know the other one it’s papaya by urszula dudziak .actually im still searchin’ for the title of the song u r searchin’ too. if ever you already knew it please post it here. thanks.

  5. buttercuppz Says:

    wow.. thanks.. papaya pala hehehe.. matagal ko na din tong hinahanap 😀 hehehe muaahz!!

  6. Antipatiko Says:

    Okey i hope this would help!! i heard the song in a site pero di ko alam ung title !! tgnn nyo na lng d2 search nyo n lng po

  7. Ellen Says:

    One of the songs is “It’s a Love Thing” by the Whispers.

  8. Ellen Says:

    The other one is not “Papaya” at all…

    It’s drivin’ me nuts —- someone please find it. I want to see if I can get it from Itunes as soon as I get the right song. Thanks.

  9. rico Says:

    meron pang isa un pump it pump it ride.. tnx anu title nun??

  10. buloid Says:

    hey guys

    the title of the song we’ve all been looking for is earth wind fire – the changing times.

    its available here:

    thanks to tuklaw for helping us all out! this is where i found it..

    cheers! 😉

  11. ptvj Says:

    thanks for your comment, guys 🙂 .

  12. makolet10 Says:

    thanks sa naglagay ng title ng song ang tagal ko na rin kasing hinahanap

  13. rob Says:

    downloading… 🙂

  14. macel Says:

    thanks so much for the titles..a big help for me… 🙂

  15. Danixs Says:

    Please help…yung song na bang bang…gusto ko sana gawin rington…its cute…thanks..

  16. Rands Says:

    wala pa din bang nakakaalam ng song na bang bang…tenenenneennen bang bang ahhhhhhwww…pls post the exact title..thanks

  17. boglito Says:

    David Sanborn – Bang Bang

  18. grepor Says:

    tanong ko lang po ano titile nung song sa game ka na ba kapag interview ni edu yung 5 contestants yung bang may lalalalalala? tnx!

  19. pogi Says:

    ano yung song pag may ano romantic moment ganun ……….

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