PNTM Episode 1


Yawn. Ang boring naman ng elimination na to. Any comments, suggestions, violent reactions? Kayo na nga lang ang humusga.

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  1. ›‹( ;› Says:

    It’s an ugly ugly show! I was disappointed. Primarily with the bad production values. And then Ruffa Guttierez. It would have been a better show if Wilma Doesn’t hosts and Melanie Marquez judges. Even Annabel Rama would have done a better job than Ruffa.

  2. LEY Says:

    yeah! its actually boring.. they didn’t do any antics at all! sobrang pale ng show.. tonight will be the sophomore ep i hope may diff na.

  3. Oink-Oink Says:

    hmm.. yeah,, second episode na this night.. at kinakabahan ako sa show.. coz kilala ko ung maeeliminate.. hinde ko alam kung bakit xa na eliminate,, ayaw kase nya magkwento.. panoorin ko nalang daw,, at hinde ko din alam ang magiging reaction ko sa show..

    about the pilot episode.,. medyo,, nabore ako.. hehe,,

  4. Karen Says:

    i agree…it seems, um, dry. i was not impressed at all with the photo shoot. iyon pa naman ang favourite part ko sa ANTM. hopefully we’ll see improvements on the next episodes.

    oink-oink: that’s too bad about your friend. wala ba siyang inside scoop diyan? 😉

  5. Oink-Oink Says:

    hmm,, she’s my sister.. hehe.. bawal sila mag salita about sa show.. kaya hinde ko xa mapiga..nung umuwe xa ng haus ang sabi nya xa unang na eliminate,, so sobrang nagulat ako nung pinapanood ko sa youtube ung 1st elimination hinde naman xa na eliminate..hay…but ang sabi lang nya ikwekwento nya daw sakin lahat pag napanood ko na,, eh mapapanood ko palang un kung mei mag upload sa youtube,, at buti naman meron,,hehe..

    kung sino maeeliminate mamayang gabi,., she’s my loving sister,,hehe,,
    natatakot akong manood kase sabi nya,, madidisapoint daw ako,, “nakatopak” daw kase xa nung photoshoot..

    but nagulat ako nung 1st photoshoot nila sa sta.cruz.. I never thought na kayang gawin un ng kapatid ko.. 2pc in front of public.. at sa sta.cruz pa..

  6. outofwater Says:

    Saw the second episode, it was ok. But I must admit, the concept for the first photo shoot in Avenida was a real killer. I have notes in my blog, just read it there and tell me what you think.

  7. misterhubs Says:

    I reviewed and recapped the second episode of PNTM in my blog, Here’s some excerpts:

    “Challenge No. 1: The girls must show their best runway walk before Wilma “Oh No She” Doesnt and Robbie Carmonay. The audience is treated to a wobbly parade of knee bones and femurs. ‘Give me more attitude’, Miss Rob demands. I was hoping one of the girls would throw a phone at him a-la Naomi Campbell. Didn’t happen.

    Challenge No. 1 with a twist: The girls must sashay but this time, they must project a certain animal, like a cat or a frog. The girl who picked “worm” gyrated like “she’s auditioning for Pegasus”, as Wilma observed. One’s interpretation of a “chipmunk” is to act like a madwoman on a killing spree. “Snake” girl walked down the catwalk and.. did nothing. Sheesh. Ian, my gay friend from highschool, can do a better walk than most of these girls.

    Challenge No. 2: Rice field. The wannabes must strut on a narrow bund between two rice paddies. In high heels, of course. Jayna, the first girl, almost makes it to the end but her foot slips into the mud. Elf’ walk was steady and fierce. Some girls almost had an unscheduled mud bath. Joy, the morena girl from the boondocks, walked on the slippery soil like it’s solid marble. I like her. She looks like our previous maid.”

    For more, check out my blog. Thanks.

  8. bonniefazzyoo Says:

    wala bang re-runs ng show? hindi ko kasi maabutan eh.

  9. Karen Says:

    bonniefazzyoo: check mo na lang sa youtube

  10. Oink-Oink Says:

    the sad point is,, tinangal ang account ni pHNexttopmodel sa youtube,, so i can’t videos anymore.. ang alam ko ung premiere episode lang ang andun…

  11. Karen Says:

    oo nga e. sabi nga nung friend ko nawala ang account. hindi na rin ma-view =(

  12. bonniefazzyoo Says:

    oo nga wala na sha…sayang.

  13. Oink-Oink Says:

    nagbalik si phnexttopmodel sa youtube,, kaso ibang account name nya,, at private video ung mga pntm.. so dapat friend ka muna nya before mo pwede ma view ung mga videos.. sana accept nya ako as a friend.hehe..

  14. Karen Says:

    oink-oink: thanks for the info, try ko rin. hehe. btw, i lov the username! 🙂

  15. LEY Says:

    guys tell me kung ano yung account name niya, i would like to see the episodes too! even myself can’t find the tiem to watch khit nandito ako sa pinas, i still have feww weeks to end my skewl term.

    hehe, actually first two ep pa lng ang nakikita ko, the rest wala na.. pero i was being updated wit my friend, before the show comes kaya naman kung minsan a day before eh nalalaman ko kung sino yung eliminated, if i’m not mistaken (SPOILER) the jayna and joy is out of the competition.

    pero i’m nut xur, i dunno wit the reasons kung by ep yun or acc. to what they have shoot already.

    btw, kakatapos lang ng phil fashion week… i’m nut xur kung nagkaroon ng exposure and pntm girls dun. it’s an opputunity kasi. sige yun lng 😉

  16. Karen Says:

    oink-oink: ano yung username niya?

  17. LEY Says:

    hey guys, who do you think will be the first PNTM winner?

    my panel choice would be Bambi, Rina, or Jayna.

  18. Oink-Oink Says:

    cenxa late reply.. medyo nag busy busyhan muna sa work eh,,hehe,, kazumi17livesagain ang username nya sa youtube,, but try to check this site.. anjan lahat ng videos.. mas ok kase pwede idownload..hehe..

    ley, walang exposure ang pntm girls sa phil fashion week..di ko alam kung bakit,,

    karen, update kayo lague about pntm ha,, wala ako sa pinas eh,, nagbabasa lang ako ng mga blog talga..hehe..

    tanong ko lang,, mei billboard b sila jan? nakita nyo na? saan?

    sana magkaroon sila ng fashion show after na pntm.. wala lang,, tapos free sa public noh? manonood ba kayo?hehe

  19. Karen Says:

    oink-oink. ako man wala sa pinas, nakikibalita rin lang. hehe. anyway, check this blog out: may review siya ng PNTM every episode.

  20. Oink-Oink Says:

    ah oo.. binabasa ko un..hehe,, minsan kapag nakatrip im spending hours para lang magbasa ng mga blogs at mga comments..hehe.. pero ang isang malaking comment ko talaga is ung website nila.. hanep diba..hehe.. naiiyak talga ako eh,,hehe,,

  21. Oink-Oink Says:

    Ntangal na si jayna,,so sad,, si grendel ang bet ko..hehe.. wala lang,, but si elf mei edge xa sa tingin ko,, kahit maging sila ni mira,,hehe,,

  22. LEY Says:

    hey guys recently i went on tim’s summer fashion show ZARA fashion show and i’ve seen rina and other pntm models. wala lang…

  23. Oink-Oink Says:

    talga? kelan ung fashion show ng ZARA?hmm,, sino sa kanilang 4 remaining finalist ang bet nyo?hehe..

  24. LEY Says:

    it was held just recently, i forgot the date basta May.

    Grendel won the competition. acc to wiki and i think siya nga nanalo..

  25. Oink-Oink Says:

    ehe,, mei panalo n nga,, 3 weeks ago pa..

  26. Reiko Says:

    Half of the model aren’t model material…it seems like they randomly hand pick the models

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